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Call: (877) 760-3877
Local: (904) 378-9040
1121 Cahoon Road South
Jacksonville, FL 32221-6165

Hours of Operation: Tuesday - Saturday 8:00 am to 6:00 pm
All Major Credit Cards, EBT and Food Stamps Accepted

Helping You with the Family Budget without Sacrificing Quality

Wild Game

Here at Geiger Meats, we process wild game, deer and hog meat. Contact us for price per pound.

Enjoy our flavor-packed wild game choices. Our retail meat store has the variety you crave. Some of our products include:

Wild Game:

• Elk
• Leg of Lamb
• Lamb Chop Loin
• Goat
• Rabbit
• Quail
Ask for case prices on all beef, pork, and chicken products


• Deer Venison Hamburger
• Deer Venison Steaks
• Deer Venison Roast
• Deer Venison Smoked Sausage (Hot,Mild, Jalepeno)
• Deer Venison Ground Sausage
Ask for case prices on all beef, pork, and chicken products


• Buffalo Hamburger
• Buffalo Ribeye
• Buffalo Chuck Roast
• Buffalo Chuck Steak
Meat, Wild Game in Jacksonville, FL


• Gator Tail (1 & 2 Pound Pack)
• Gator Ribbs
• Gator Wings
• Gator Sasage Links
Meat, Wild Game in Jacksonville, FL

Other Products:


• Onion Rings
• Corn Nuggets
• Breaded Mushrooms
• Breaded Pickles
• Cheese Sticks
• Curly Fries
• Crinkle Cut and Regular French Fries
• Sweet Potatoe Fries
• Hash Browns
• Jalepneo Cheese Poppers

**All appetizers are restaurant quality

Frozen Vegetabls:

• We offer a wide variety of peas, beans, corn, and other frozen vegetables.  Contact us for details